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Molybdic Acid
Molybdic Acid

Name: Molybdic acid

Molecular Formula: H2MoO4

Property: White or blocky substances or powders with the specific gravity of 3.14(15¡ãC), slightly soluble in water, and soluble in caustic soda (liquid) or ammonium hydroxide.

Specification: Content: 85-90%(H2MoO4)

Main Use:

Molybdic acidused in the manufacture of molybdenum catalyst, blue pigment and paint of ceramic enamel, as well as the raw material of molybdenum salt. Molybdic acid can be produced with Molybdenum trioxide, by dissolving it slighty in water

Package: Double-layer-plastic-bag lined iron drums with the net capacity of 50 kg.

Storage: Be stored at dry, ventilated places, and tie the bag mouths tightly to prevent moisture absorbing.