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Molybdenum Dioxide
Molybdenum dioxide

Name: Molybdenum dioxide

Formula: MoO2

CAS#: 18868-43-4

Einecs: 242-637-9

  • Synonyms: molybdic oxide,molybdenum oxide

Solubility: Insoluble in water

  • Description:

Molybdenum dioxide is the chemical compound with the formula MoO2 Molybdenum dioxide is a violet-colored solid and is a metallic conductor. Molybdenum dioxide crystallizes in a monoclinic cell, and has a distorted rutile, (TiO2) crystal structure. Molybdenum dioxide is colorless to yellowish-white. Molybdenum dioxide is quite soluble in hot water and slightly soluble in cold water. We also provide molybdate trioxide.

  • Applications:

Used as a corrosion inhibitor, as a source of molybdenum compounds, in analytical chemistry, in ceramic glazes, enamels & pigments, as a catalyst, and in agriculture.

  • Packaging:50 lbs. bags, poly-lined fiber drums and bulk bags