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Renben vanadium-titanium project started successfully

June 29, a major industries project in Anhui province which covers an area of more than 4,000 acres.It is the largest investment project on Renben Group vanadium and titanium resources comprehensive utilization project successfully started in the history of the wuhu City.The total investment in the project main 10.6 billion yuan, supporting project to invest 3 billion yuan.
It is understood that in the largest invest project in wuhu so far . Renben vanadium and titanium resources utilization projects included in "the 12th Five-vanadium and titanium industries base planning in anhui province" products positioning in vanadium -titanium products and vanadium-containing new material which the high value-added, high technological content and good market prospects and Competitive´╝î marking the wuhu steel industrys' beginning to the production of vanadium and titanium-vanadium containing new material direction of a comprehensive transformation.
After the project is completed after´╝îit will form an integrated capacity producing 160,000 tons of vanadium slag, 13000 tons of vanadium pentoxide, 10,000 tons of high vanadium trioxide, 6000 tons of steel and vanadium nitrogen alloy by 6,000 tons, electrolyte for vanadium redox battery 10,000 cubic metres, 60,000 tons of titanium-rich material titanium, 10000 tons of 100 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas and vanadium-containing new material 6 million tons.