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Renben company vanadium recovery continues to improve

Renben Company Production Planning Department was informed that 1-April, vanadium steel recovery rate has reached advanced level, 3 currently online production semi-vanadium steel converter vanadium system are controlled at 0.035%, 0.005% lower than the same period last year, to further enhance benefits creation of yield vanadium and vanadium slag products provides protection.
Steelmaking systems in steel production patterns of Renben company, after the hot metal vanadium steel.Since this year, in order to advancement of vanadium recovery ,for steel steel-making system actively optimize the organization of production,to improve the logistics working capital efficiency, optimization of vanadium for oxygen and cooling systems, perfect mouth anti-blocking technology of vanadium furnace.insisting on cost analysis and analysis of vanadium extraction from the End Point Control to start, organize and conduct the lower tapping temperature and high-pull carbon rate research, through continuous optimization of the structure of the slag and blowing process, adjusting the parameters of vanadium extraction of oxygen lance, optimizing bottom blowing the model and other measures aimed at effectively reduce the consumption of iron and steel materials to create the conditions for the production of vanadium slag to improve.At the same time, active recovery of vanadium slag cars scattered and with the loss of steel slag, perfect technology of steelmaking in converter vanadium operation to maximize all vanadium.