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Anhui Province vanadium pentoxide production capacity of 15,000 tons in 2015

Integration of vanadium ore resource, through improvements in technology to expand the scale of production. Strengthening the development and the introduction of advanced production technology and equipment, breakthrough production technology of high Ferro-vanadium, vanadium nitride, development of the vanadium battery industry to achieve the extension of the product chain.Focus on supporting Wuzhou mining vanadium ore technological transformation and vanadium products processing project, BYD company vanadium battery project and so on. Industrial output value of 10 billion yuan in 2015. Realization of vanadium pentoxide production capacity of 15,000 tons, resulting in 3,000 tons of vanadium catalyst and 100,000 set vanadium battery production capacity.
Other rare and precious metals. Relying on the Northwest Research Institute of nonferrous metals company Po TI-ZR and the country's nuclear industry, seize the country's nuclear power development opportunities, accelerating the zirconium cladding material for reactors, silver-Indium-cadmium control rods, high performance metal porous material for nuclear fuel processing, international thermonuclear fusion reactor (ITER plans) with titanium and niobium, niobium three Tin wire, such as product development and production, construction materials production and scientific research base for nuclear power in China. Development of CT machine with high precision tungsten, tantalum tubes for chemical, electronic with rare metals such as niobium processing product.The development of CT scanners with high precision tungsten film, chemical tantalum tube, electronic niobium with other rare metals deep-processing products.