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Molybdenum and various kinds of molybdenum product usage

Mo is a kind of metal elements, usually used alloy and stainless steel. It can enhance the strength of hardness, weldability and toughness, still can increase their resistance to high strength and corrosion resistance.
Despite the main application fields, molybdenum due to various characteristics of molybdenum itself, it in other fields and alloy used chemical field expands unceasingly.
Experiment proves, molybdenum compounds with low toxicity, this is from the other molybdenum metal one.
Molybdenum resources:
1, Storage quantity
With natural elements of molybdenum never occur, but always and other elements together. Although the molybdenum content that many, but the only industrial exploitation value only fai molybdenum MoS2 - a kind of molybdenum powder natural sulfur. Deposit, and the average grade for molybdenum 0.01% ~ 0.50%, and often and other metal (especially copper) sulfide together.
The world mainly distributed in North America, molybdenum resources and south mountain west, the United States is the world's largest country in the world, and molybdenum sheet reserves the largest country, 5 4 million tons, for almost half of the global total molybdenum reserves.
2, Ore bed
Molybdenum can be divided into three types:
Primary molybdenum concentrate molybdenum, Fraser extraction,
Secondary molybdenum isolated from the main copper, molybdenum,
Symbiosis molybdenum, this kind of molybdenum wire and copper industrial exploitation value equal.