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What is a molybdenum plate?

Molybdenum is a necessary trace element for human body and animal and plant. Molybdenum is also a hard, silver-white metal that is more resilient than tungsten. Molybdenum has high elastic modulus, while tungsten and tantalum have higher melting point. Molybdenum plate is used in many special steel. Other common USES are molybdenum electrodes, vacuum furnace applications, nuclear energy, missile and aircraft parts.
The thickness from 00.090 to 3 inches is called the molybdenum plate. Molybdenum plate is widely used in mold and parts furnace construction, electronic and semiconductor parts manufacturing.
The organic silicon plate was reviewed using silicon-based Si2Cl6 and siliconization and some of its properties. The plate silicified molybdenum is first deposited, such as 4 MoSi2, the initial stage is 6 meters thick, then the combined storage is carried out, and a homogeneous MoSi2 molybdenum plate is formed in 30 minutes. The weight of the organic silicon plate dissolved by the anode is increased by 0.2 M, reducing the thickness of the MoSi2 layer. The corrosion of seawater and sand, the wear of organic silicon molybdenum plate, increase the resistivity, thus increasing the flow rate of silicified temperature and Si2Cl6.
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