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Vanadium pentoxide process

Vanadium pentoxide is an orange or brick red solid of amphoteric oxide, which has a chemical formula of V2O5. Vanadium pentoxide in 700 ~ 1125 ℃ was decomposed into oxygen and four vanadium oxide, this feature makes it a lot of organic and inorganic reaction catalyst. It is a kind of strong oxidizer, easy to be restored into various oxide at a low price.
Vanadium pentoxide is the most widely used product in vanadium oxide. In the exploration, production and international trade of vanadium, it is generally used as the unit of calculation. Vanadium pentoxide is a production of vanadium, vanadium iron, and other intermediate products, vanadium alloy is also manufacturing of vanadium catalyst materials, can also be used for benzoic acid, phthalic acid and other organic synthesis catalyst, also used in the manufacture of colored glass and ceramics. The process of extracting vanadium from vanadium containing materials includes fire method, wet method, fire method and wet process. The most mature technology is the process of sodium roasting, leaching and vanadium, which is also a classic of vanadium technology. The acid direct leaching process is used to recover the vanadium from the waste vanadium catalyst in sulphuric acid industry.
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