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V2O5 Supplier & Manufacturer

  Vanadium Pentoxide Supplier----Benren Alloy Co.Ltd was founded in 1988. Being a national advanced enterprise with the latest production technique, it is the only standard enterprise which produce the series products of Vanadium Pentoxide in Anhui province.

V2O5 is used as an oxidation catalyst in industrial synthesis processes such as the manufacturing of sulphuric acid, and for catalytic converters in automobiles.The primary industrial use of vanadium pentoxide is in ferrovanadium, which is used in the production of high strength, low alloy steels. Smaller amounts of vanadium pentoxide V2o5 are used in titanium-aluminum alloys, with applications in the aerospace industry......
With years' development, it has become a newly high-tech enterprise which involves in the production of Vanadium Pentoxide ,Vanadium Pentoxide 98%-99.9%, Ammonium Molybdate,Molybdenum Disulfide ,Molybdenum Sheet ,Molybdenum Plate,Molybdenum Trioxide,Sodium Molybdate ,Sodium Metavanadate,Tungstic Acid widely used in the field of steel, chemical, electronics, cer......